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Room Hire

A 55" interactive screen / whiteboard is available to be used anywhere in the building.

Please check for availability when booking room.


Main Hall

The Main Hall measures approx 11m x 9m and is suitable for a variety of uses such as meetings, exercise classes or training

Large Annexe

The large annexe is 15m x 6m, offering a wide range of possible uses, with or without tables and chairs.  It has toilet facilities and a small kitchen area.


Small Annexe

The small annexe is 11m x 4m and has toilets and a small kitchen area.

Rooms 2 & 3

Rooms 2 and 3 are 11m by  5m when joined together and make an ideal meeting or training room.

Good for a small function - located near the kitchen & toilets with access via stairs or lift.

Rooms 2 & 3.jpg
Room 4.jpg

Room 4

Room 4 is suitable for a small group to meet, it measures approximately 4m x 3.5m

Room 15

Room 15 is a medium sized room suitable for small meetings. It has easy access to the toilets and shares use of the kitchen.


Ready to book?

If you're ready to make a booking, download a form and complete it.

Return to reception via email or post.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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