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Please feel free to call Alison on:
01209 715457
Normal office hours are Mon - Fri 10am - 2pm

Personal Data Storage - please read before submitting

To organise the booking of facilities, Camborne Community Centre will need to store the information you provide in this form, in electronic format.

We take your privacy very seriously and all proper measures to secure your data within the Centre booking system have been taken.

We will store and use your contact information for the purpose of facility booking, in the first instance and for all future bookings.

By submitting your information in this online form – you give your agreement for your information to be stored and used for this purpose.

Camborne Community Centre does not advertise private functions.

Clubs & Organisations

Camborne Community Centre wishes to promote all the clubs and organisations which meet at our centre and add groups meeting times to our online calendar.

If you agree to the information about your club/organisation submitted in this form, including contact details, being published on the online calendar and club listing – please give your consent below.

Should you require to withdraw consent at any time please contact

You can view our Data Protection Policy here

Please indicate your consent
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