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A message from Jean Charman, Chairman of Trustees, Camborne Community Centre

I am delighted to inform you that the Community Centre has been awarded a grant of £239,000 from Section 106 funds to carry out renovation and refurbishment work to the main building. As you will appreciate, looking after a building that is over 150 years old comes with significant maintenance costs, which is why we are grateful to Cornwall Council for this grant.

This will enable us to carry out some of the essential work that is required on the building - mainly around water ingress and the masonry and windows at the rear of the building.

We look forward to this work being carried out over the next few months and we will update the website with photographs as the work progresses.

Award of contract

We are pleased to announce that local builder E Laity and Sons have been awarded the contract to carry out the refurbishment work on the Community Centre.

The work will be project managed by Jon Ramage from Atlantic Building Consultants.

September 2021

We are now about 6 months through the works and the changes are apparent for all to see.

We have new bay and arched windows in the hall and rooms 2 & 3. The new front and back doors have been delivered and will be fitted within the coming days.

All but one of the flat  roofs have been replaced, the last one will be done when the scaffolding comes down.

All of the old plastic guttering has been replaced with black aluminium guttering. The old cantilever room at the end of the building has been knocked down and the area roofed awaiting the granite castellets.

Upstairs, the old toilets have been replaced with new, fresh, functional units.

The lighting in the ground and first floor has been replaced with energy efficient LED units.

The chimneys have been cleaned and repointed, then fitted with lead caps.

Last, and most certainly not least, the exterior of the building and the large part of the interior has been redecorated to an incredible standard.

We still have a few weeks of work to go, but we hope that everyone likes the work that has been carried out to date - we can't wait to show you the finished version.

October 2021

Into the final stages. There is a little redecorating to finish, a little plumbing work and one final flat roof, plus our granite castellets are due to arrive soon.


Not long now! 

January 2022

The major work is done, what a journey it's been, but the old building looks so much better and is set for a few more years service to the community.

We've still got a bit of flooring to be done, but that is pretty much it for the works.

Tops of the chimneys now covered with lead to prevent any water ingress
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