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Setting up the centre

It is a well known fact that in all communities certain individuals are gifted with altruistic instincts and are always only too willing to give up much of their leisure time in the service of others.

It was people such as these, under the Chairmanship of Mr D W Thomas, who were present at the inaugural meeting in 1937:

D W Thomas - Chairman

Mrs A M Blackwood

Mr W T Rundle

Mrs H H Berriman

Captain B Kelly

Miss A Smith

Mr F L Harris

Rev H Phelps

Miss Clark

Mr W W Blewett

Mr C H Berriman

Miss C White

Miss M Pratt

Mr Trerise

Miss E F Snell

It was no mean task which faced these pioneers of community service and in order to develop and provide equipment and staff, funds were urgently needed.

By February 1938, funds had been secured to employ a full time warden and the following organisations were established at the centre:

Workers Educational Association

Social Services Committee

Girl Guides

Boy Scouts

Drama Society

Camborne Old Cornwall Society

Camborne Town Band

Infant Welfare Clinic

Fast forward 82 years and two of these - the Girl Guides and Camborne Town band are still at the centre.

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